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Directory of free energy related videos

Directory of free energy related videos

Table of contents of free energy related videos available for viewing online.

1 Rotoverter
2 American Antigravity Films
3 TeslaTech 2006
4 MagneGas
5 Sines Reluctance Generator
6 Steorn
7 The simplest motor
8 Royal Raymond Rife
9 Viktor Schauberger, Water, Vortex, Implosion
10 John Keely / Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
11 Nikola Tesla
12 Cymatics
13 Wilhelm Reich / Orgone
14 Tom Bearden
15 Buckminster Fuller
16 Dr. Len Horowitz
17 John Hutchison
18 Stanley Meyer
19 John Searl
20 Tom Valone
21 Others
22 Resonance, Vibration, Frequency, Acoustics
23 Thomas Townsend Brown
24 Robert A. Patterson / Ram Implosion Wing
25 JoeCell
26 Kanarev
27 Perendev
28 Lutec
29 Tesla Motors Inc.
30 Miscellaneous

Tesla Motors Event

Tesla Motors Event
3 min 2 sec - Jul 20, 2006 and Autoblog Green attended yesterday's Tesla Event, unveiling the hottest new electric car on the market. Check out our exclusive video of the event.

Fast Electric Car

Fast Electric Car

• 0-60 in 3 seconds (faster than a supercar (shown in this race)).
• 1/3 the energy consumption of a hybrid (170 Miles Per Gallon equivalent).
• Everything you see is in first gear.
• The fast stops are regenerative braking (returning energy to the batteries).

Oneness Minute Message #15

We join our hearts and minds together every day at 11:11 to acknowledge our Oneness with All That Is. Who We Are is beyond any religion. Yet our religions and our beliefs are important to us. Can we consider the possibility that someone else's belief is not a better way, just another way? Can we see our self in all of it? What if every faith was right?


"Have we not all one father? Hath not one God created us? Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?"

- Judaism Malachi 2:10


Thank you, for doing your part to align with others around the world to celebrate our Oneness. Everyday at 11:11 we are remembering our connection: to each other, to our planet and to All That Is.

The goal of this global daily exercise is to shift our belief of separation to an awareness of our natural connection.

Humanity's Team is a worldwide movement that seeks to bring people together through our focus on education and inner work. The world does not have to be the way it is. Each one of us has the power to change it.


This message is brought to by

Visit Humanity's Team USA at

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We join All in Love and send Peace and Joy to All.

James Griggs Hydrosonic Pump

James Griggs Hydrosonic Pump

New Energy Research Laboratory Device and Process Testing Update
Published in IE Volume 6, Issue #31 May, 2000. By Ed Wall.
Hydrosonic Pump

James L. Griggs: Hydrosonic Pump

Google search for "Hydrosonic Pump"

Shock waves and steam heat
For more than two years debate has raged on the Internet about an ordinary-looking metal drum sitting on the concrete floor of a factory building in Rome, Georgia, 50 miles from Atlanta. Its inventor, the man about whom the Internet debate is raging, is James Griggs, an industrial heating engineer. The invention that has brought Griggs such notoriety is a device that he began developing in 1987, that he calls the 'Hydrosonic Pump' and that many of his supporters believe is over-unity, in that it generates around 30 per cent more energy as heat than is put in as electricity.

To the skeptics, the Griggs Gadget is, at best, a case of self-delusion on a grand scale, and, at worst, a case of scientific fraud. To his supporters, the pump is the first unequivocal public demonstration of undoubted over-unity.

Jim Griggs told me, 'the pump is based on a theory of what takes place when a shock wave is created in a fluid. We know that when you create a shock wave in a liquid there is a minute amount of energy released into the fluid in the form of heat.'

'Most of the previous studies had been done in how to eliminate that shock wave, instead of putting the heat to a useful purpose. We've designed a system to take the shock-wave heat energy, capture it, and produce hot water or steam.'

Griggs believes that his device works on perfectly normal principles and violates no laws of physics. Just what happens when the Hydrosonic pump is filled up with water and switched on is described by over-unity investigator Jed Rothwell who conducted a detailed engineering investigation of the device in January 1994.

'During one of the demonstrations we watched,' he says, 'over a 20 minute period, 4.80 Kilowatt Hours of electricity was input, and 19,050 BTUs of heat evolved, which equals 5.58 Kilowatt Hours, or 117 per cent of input. The actual input to output ratio was even better than this, when you take into account the inefficiencies of the electric motor.'

But if there are kilowatts of excess heat available, why doesn't Griggs simply use the steam to turn a turbine-generator and connect the output to the input -- thus getting a perpetual motion machine?

One reason is that converting steam into electricity is an extremely inefficient process. You would be lucky to convert 5 per cent of the output heat energy back into electricity -- and 2 per cent might be nearer the mark. The Hydrosonic pump would therefore have to be massively over-unity before you could recover enough energy to make it self-sustaining, and at present the margin is a 'modest' 30 per cent.

More importantly, the excess energy does not actually appear at the output steam pipe for a constant input of energy. What happens is this; the pump is started and after five or ten minutes reaches a steady state where it is converting water at room temperature to steam. Once this steady state is reached, the pump, according to Griggs, goes into an over-unity mode where the output temperature is maintained, but the amount of energy needed at the input to maintain it, drops by 30 per cent.

Griggs has been working with a number of physicists and engineers to try to get to the bottom of just how his device works. As well as Jed Rothwell's consulting engineering firm in Atlanta he has worked with Professor Keizios, dean emeritus of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and past president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Professor Keizos supervised the design of the instrumentation that measures the energy input and output of the Griggs Gadget.

In a second test, during which the over-unity effect was measured, the adjusted co-efficient of power was a remarkable 168 per cent -- the machine produced 1.68 times the energy that was input. A third test did nearly as well with a Co-efficient of power of 157 per cent.

If the only evidence for these claims were the colour brochure printed by Griggs's company, Hydro Dynamics Corporation Inc., and reports of his supporters, then most observers might be inclined to side with the skeptics: Griggs's claims seem fundamentally improbable. Yet surprisingly, Griggs has not only patented his device and started manufacturing a commercial version on a small scale, he has also sold and installed devices to users in the Atlanta area.

The customers include the Atlanta Police Department, a fire station, a dry cleaning plant, and a gymnasium. Interestingly, the Hydrosonic pump was installed in the public buildings by the county engineer after evaluating the device. The buildings are using the device mainly for heating purposes, and they have been running for more than a year. The customers have bills from their local electric utility company showing a year on year decrease in bills equivalent to 30 per cent.

What precisely causes the claimed excess heat? Griggs himself rejects the popular idea that his pump has something to do with so-called 'cold fusion'.

'We have kind of been lumped into the cold fusion field', he says wryly, 'because we have experienced excess energy out of the pump. As far as cold fusion goes, we don't believe that we're accomplishing any type of nuclear reaction within our system. We feel that it can be explained through the theory of cavitation or sonoluminescence.'

Griggs's gadget has been examined by a steady stream of investigators, both friendly and skeptical. So far, they have all gone away mystified. Unlike most 'over-unity' devices, however, you can buy and install a hydrosonic pump in your own home.

Both Political Parties Are Owned by the Corporations

Both Political Parties Are Owned by the Corporations - Lou Dobbs on Larry King Live

In this interview from October 11th 2006, Lou Dobbs explains his position and his reporting to Larry King. He also mentions how the Republicans and Democrats are owned by the corporations. Quite interesting.

Lou Dobbs Exposes North American Union On CNN

Lou Dobbs Exposes North American Union On CNN

When Mexican president Vicente Fox leaves office this week and Felipe
Calderon takes his place, President Bush will be the last of the
so-called three amigos. Bush, Fox, and, of course, Canadian prime
minister Paul Martin were the originators of the so-called Security
and Prosperity Partnership, which critics call nothing more than a
North American union. It means open borders, commerce of all costs,
and, by the way, without the approval of either American voters or the
U.S. Congress.

Christine Romans reports.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Waco, Texas, 2005.
Under these three men, the Security and Prosperity Partnership was
born. An effort, the governments say, to harmonize regulation and
increase cooperation between three very different countries.

The Mexican president in Cancun this spring...

VICENTE FOX, MEXICAN PRESIDENT (through translator): We need to
elevate the competitiveness of our economies.

ROMANS: And a new Canadian prime minister joining the discussions as
this North American partnership barrels ahead, with departments and
ministries of all three governments working quickly to integrate North
America by 2010. The official progress report boasting,
"Implementation is on track."

And now Mexico's new president, Felipe Calderon, widely expected to
keep the progress moving. Critics, though, say there's too little
transparency and no congressional oversight.

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH: There's nothing wrong with neighboring
governments talking to each other, synchronizing their watches to make
sure they're all on the same page in the cases of emergency or on
trade issues or even on the flows of goods and people. But if policies
are being made that the American people might oppose, or that are
contrary to the law, especially as it relates to immigration, you
know, they're doing something a bit more nefarious.

ROMANS: He points to SPP documents urging the free flow of goods and
people across borders and a wish list from business interests that
borders remain open during a flu pandemic. Worse, critics say foreign
policy elites are promoting a European-style union, erasing borders
between the three countries and eventually moving to a single North
American currency called the amaro (ph).

A Commerce Department spokesman, however, denies this -- "There is
absolutely no plan for a common currency."


ROMANS: Speculation about that erupted again this week after some in
the Canadian business contingent included a list of their long-term
goals for the SPP. But people involved with the partnership between
the three countries are very quick to distance themselves, Lou, from
that very, very unpopular idea.

DOBBS: The fact is -- and everyone watching you and that report
tonight -- for any American to think that it is acceptable for the
president of the United States and this executive department of his
government, his administration, our government, to proceed without the
approval of Congress or a dialogue and a debate and a -- and a public
voice from the people of this country is absolutely unconscionable.

ROMANS: The defense of those folks who are saying that they're
involved with the SPP is that they're not doing anything that would
require congressional approval or voter approval. They're just
harmonizing the regulations between the three countries.

DOBBS: What they're doing is creating a brave new world, an Orwellian
world, in which the will of the people is absolutely irrelevant. And I
think we've had a sampling of what's going to happen to people who do
that in the future.

I can't imagine this standing. But then again, I couldn't imagine its
beginning nor the fact that it's gotten this far.

Christine, thank you.

Christine Romans.

That bring us to the subject of our poll tonight. A North American
union, Mexico, the United States and Canada, a really good idea or a
really bad idea?

Cast your vote, please, at We'll have the results here later.


A North American Union (Mexico, the United States and Canada), a
really good idea or a really bad idea?

A really good idea 8% 631 votes
A really bad idea 92% 7715 votes
Total: 8346 votes

A New America?
Dobbs spotlights the NAFTA Super Highway and the North American Union

3 min 7 sec - Oct 28, 2006
Lou Dobbs spotlights the on going progress of how the US government is moving along plans to merge America with Canada and Mexico, forming a North American Union. The stepping stone to the North American Union is the proposed NAFTA Super Highway that would run all the way from in Mexico through America and into Canada. This information must be spread to inform others about this treasonous plan to end America's sovereignty! Americans must stand together and say NO to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) and the North American Union (NAU)!

Solid-State Thermal Rectifier / Directing Heat in Solids

Directing Heat in Solids

A device that controls the direction of heat flow could one day have valuable uses in microelectronics and energy-efficient buildings.

By Prachi Patel-Predd

Scientists have been precisely controlling electric current for decades, building diodes and transistors that shuttle electrons around and make computers and cell phones work. But similarly controlling the flow of heat in solids stayed in the realm of theoretical physics--until now.

Alex Zettl and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), have shown that it is possible to make a thermal rectifier, a device that directs the flow of heat, with nanotubes. If made practical, the rectifier, which the researchers described in last week's Science, could be used to manage the overheating of microelectronic devices and to help create energy-efficient buildings, and it could even lead to new ways of computing with heat.

Heat can be thought of as made of tiny packets of vibrations called phonons. A thermal rectifier allows phonons to move only in one direction. But rectifying heat is much harder than rectifying electric current, because most heat transport in materials is by diffusion, which is random, says Arunava Majumdar, a mechanical engineer at UC Berkeley and a coauthor of the Science paper. "The vibrations are not charged, so you can't bias them."

The nanotube thermal rectifier is the first experimental proof that such a device works. "From that point of view, I think it's really interesting," says Michel Peyrard, theoretical physicist at the Ecole Normale Superieure, in Lyon, France. Four years ago, Peyrard and a team of fellow European physicists first proposed a plan for making a thermal rectifier. The basis of the European physicists' scheme was that dissimilar materials conduct heat in various ways at different temperatures. They proposed making a thermal rectifier by combining such materials. But they never ventured into experimental physics to demonstrate their idea.

Other theorists have suggested that if a one-dimensional system has more mass at one end, heat would flow from that end to the low-mass end. Zettl's graduate student Chih-Wei Chang decided to test this theory by making rectifiers with nanotubes, because their extremely narrow width makes them nearly one-dimensional. Plus, they're known to be efficient heat conductors.

Chang made carbon nanotubes and boron-nitride nanotubes between 10 and 40 nanometers wide. He placed individual nanotubes in a test chamber, with each end of the tube bonded to silicon and platinum-based electrodes that act as either heaters or sensors. Then he deposited a platinum compound unevenly along the length of the nanotube so that the tube had more mass at one end than at the other. Finally, he sent a known amount of power through the heater end and measured the change in temperature at both electrodes to see how much heat was passing through the nanotube. As it turned out, as many as 7 percent more phonons were traveling from the high-mass end to the low-mass end than in the opposite direction.

This small efficiency is not enough for practical applications. But what's more important at this stage is the solid proof that the thermal-rectifying effect exists, says Giulio Casati, a professor of physics at the University of Insubria, at Como, Italy, who, along with Peyrar, originally proposed the idea of a thermal rectifier. "It's the first step," he says. "When [engineers] built the first electrical diode, the efficiency was very low. So it'll take time."

Majumdar says the next step is to explore various nanotube geometries as well as the platinum compound loaded on the nanotubes. "Could we change that material or could we change the geometry and thereby increase rectification?" he asks. "That's still up for grabs right now."


Science Magazine

C. W. Chang, D. Okawa, A. Majumdar, and A. Zettl (17 November 2006)
Science 314 (5802), 1121. [DOI: 10.1126/science.1132898]
Abstract » Full Text » PDF »

A Genetic Bill of Rights

How Gene Patents Are Putting Your Health at Risk

A fifth of your genes belong to someone else. That’s because the U.S. Patent Office has given various labs, companies and universities the rights to 20% of the genes found in everyone’s DNA— with some disturbing results. Many U.S. labs won’t perform certain genetic tests because of patent restrictions or fees. One company that holds a license for a gene connected with Alzheimer’s has refused to let other labs work on its gene. The company that “owns” a genetic mutation for breast cancer charges up to $3,000 for a breast-cancer gene test. These alarming facts provided the background for Michael Crichton’s latest novel, Next, in bookstores this week.

“Major hepatitis C and HIV genes and various diabetes genes are all owned,” Crichton, an M.D., tells us. “Researchers working on those diseases must worry about getting permission and paying high fees.” During the SARS epidemic, he says, some researchers hesitated to study the virus because three groups claimed to own its genome. “It’s OK to own a treatment or test for a disease, but no one should own a disease,” he insists.

And that ownership has serious consequences for us. “Countries where they haven’t patented genes have better genetic testing,” says Lori Andrews, a law professor and gene-patent expert. “American women are going to France for breast-cancer gene testing.”

Plus, Crichton says, in the race to patent genes and get rich, researchers are claiming they don’t have to report deaths from genetic studies, calling them “trade secrets.” Adds Andrews: “Some companies are willing to put people at risk to have an advantage.”

“You don’t even have control over your own tissue or blood once it’s donated for research,” notes Crichton. “You have more control over what happens to your photo.”

What can the public do? Read consent forms at the hospital and doctor’s office, and specify that you don’t want your blood or tissue used for patented genetic research. And let Congress and the Patent Office know your feelings. “Gene patenting is like someone owning the alphabet and charging you each time you speak,” says Andrews. To read a Genetic Bill of Rights, see below.

A Genetic Bill of Rights

* You should have the right to refuse genetic testing and not to disclose genetic information, except in criminal cases in which there is individualized suspicion.

* You should not be discriminated against by insurers, employers, schools, courts, mortgage lenders or other institutions based on genetic tests.

* If you undergo genetic testing, you should have the right to control who receives the results.

* Your genes should not be used in research without your consent, even if your tissue sample has been made anonymous.

* Your genes should not be patented.

From Lori Andrews, a professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, who chaired the federal ethics advisory committee to the Human Genome Project.

Tesla electric sedan

Tesla electric sedan to join updated Roadster
Posted Nov 24th 2006 by Noah Joseph

Following the enthusiastic response from its electric Roadster (pictured), Tesla Motors is working on a sedan. The new four-door model is tipped to share similar dimensions and performance with the BMW 5-Series, which, as the benchmark sports sedan, is a pretty ambitious target.

The Tesla sedan will have the electric motor and batteries up front, sending power down the rear wheels. Two powertrain options are expected to be on offer, the smaller featuring a range of 200 miles, and a more powerful version with a 300-mile range. Unlike the Roadster, with a Lotus-built aluminum structure, the sedan is expected to be made of steel. Tesla figures on building 10,000-20,000 sedans each year and will be sold globally.

Along with the sedan, the roadster will undergo an update by 2010, at which point the more powerful engine from the higher-end sedan will also likely be offered in the two-door, giving it some serious punch.

It's a pretty shrewd move on Tesla's part to have made the Roadster first, in the process garnering some excitement over a sportscar before branching out into more practical applications.

Also see

EcoV Electric

EcoV Electric

25 mph street legal vehicle with automotive ride, comfort and durability for use on public roads 35 mph and slower. It recharges for 50 cents from a standard wall outlet to go 25 to 40 miles and is virtually maintenance free. 4 and 6 passenger models with flip down rear seat convert into a utility vehicle and a pick-up truck, for under $10,000.

WARP - Wind Amplified Rotor Platform

WARP : Wind Amplified Rotor Platform speeds up the wind with a velocity amplification factor (VAF) in excess of 1.5 over free wind, resulting in a 450% increase in power. A WARP wind farm would need on average about 1/4 less land per kilowatt of energy generated. Projected cost $.02 to $.04/kWh or lower.

A revolutionary new windpower generating technology that may be adding a different face and footprint to this rapidly growing renewable energy source is on the brink of commercial introduction. The new technology WARP™ - Wind Amplified Rotor Platform - developed, and recently patented internationally by ENECO of West Simsbury, Connecticut, is now at the point of licensing and/or commitment in various fields-of-use and geographic locations around the world.

1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed by European Parliament

1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed by European Parliament
November 28, 2006
Brian Ross and Maddy Sauer Report:

The CIA flew 1,245 secret flights into European airspace, according to a European Parliament draft report obtained by ABC News.

The report is the result of a year-long investigation into secret CIA "extraordinary rendition" flights and prisons in Europe.

No European country has officially acknowledged being part of the program.

But citing records from an informal meeting of European and NATO foreign ministers last December that included Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Parliament's draft report concludes "member states had knowledge of the programme of extraordinary rendition and secret prisons."

The report said the recently fired head of Italian intelligence, General Nicolo Pollari, "concealed the truth" when he appeared before the Parliament's investigating committee and stated "that Italian agents played no part in any CIA kidnapping."

The report detailed the involvement of many European countries in what it called the CIA's "illegal" program.

It listed the number of CIA flights, or stopovers, it found in a number of countries.

Italy: 46 stopovers.

United Kingdom: 170 stopovers.

Germany: 336 stopovers.

Spain: 68 stopovers.

Portugal: 91 stopovers.

Ireland: 147 stopovers.

Greece: 64 stopovers

Cyprus: 57 stopovers.

Romania: 21 stopovers.

Poland: 11 stopovers.

Read the Full European Parliament Draft Report.

Dateline report on CIA drug trafficking into the US

Dateline report on CIA drug trafficking into the US

Dateline news report on how the CIA brought cocaine into the US during the 1980s, igniting the crack epidemic. The late investigative ... all » journalist Gary Webb discusses how "Freeway Ricky Ross" was only a small player in a much larger scheme by the CIA to traffic drugs into America. Former DEA agent Cele Castillo is also interviewed, speaking about how when he worked for the DEA and witnessed drug trafficking, he was told that it was a code operation being run by the White House! After the dateline report, Alex Jones offers further insight into the system of control that the US government has manufactured with it's so called "War on Drugs". This news piece is extremely damning evidence of the drug running conducted by the US government!

Joseph Papp's Noble Gas Engine

Joseph Papp's Noble Gas Engine

PALO ALTO, CA, USA -- On Saturday, Nov. 25, from 3:00 to 3:55 pm Pacific, Sterling Allan will be conducting a live (Download MP3) interview with Ken Rauen, who is the primary science advisor for PESN. Rauen has spent nearly a year developing the Papp engine technology under the direction of Heinze Klosterman.

Rauen composed the following historical overview of the Papp engine, and will be discussing the same in the live interview.

Brief History

Joseph Papp invented and demonstrated a pulsed plasma discharge automotive style piston engine that ran on sealed charges of noble gas mixtures in the cylinders. Electric arc ignition triggers far greater output than input.

Joseph Papp, a Hungarian native, emigrated to Canada in 1957 around the time of the Hungarian Revolution. Joseph was a pilot in the Hungarian military and was also a microfiche technician. He supposedly received information from scientists behind the Iron Curtain who did not want the Soviets to get this information that he took to North America. In Quebec, Papp built a one-man submarine that received considerable bad press and Papp emigrated to the USA in 1967 and settled in Los Angeles. There, he found a machinist named Roser who helped him build his first piston engine known as the Papp engine.

This engine is a multicylinder piston and crank design like today's car engines, but each cylinder is sealed with a charge of helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon. It has no intake or exhaust ports, nor even a radiator. Multiple electrodes of complex design produce what is believed to be a very hot electric discharge plasma in the noble gas mixture that reaches unusual conditions that liberates energy from some yet unknown source that is about 100 times greater than the energy put into the electrodes. Roughly 1kW is needed from an alternator to run the engine controls and over 100 hp comes out. Two- and four-cylinder engines were built over the years from 1968 until Papp died of colon cancer in 1989.

Three US patents were issued to Papp, two specifically for engine designs. The most noteworthy is 4,428,193. Papp claimed the gas mixture must be treated, or polarized as he said. An elaborate treatment process is described in the stated patent. The engine could run smoothly down to 100 rpm and developed hundreds of horsepower at only 1000 rpm. It had torque in the hundreds of foot pounds and must be built as robustly as a diesel engine.

Papp was a paranoid person, concerned that others would steal his ideas. Roser wanted the engine to be displayed to the public, but Papp did not. Papp eventually agreed reluctantly. Papp and Roser had a few heated disagreements and Papp decided to thwart Roser and one result was Papp's uncooperativeness to take the engine to commercial success. Papp had his money; why should he help his partner he despised? Like some inventors, Papp was his own worst enemy, so it seemed. This mistrust ran through all his business dealings and complicates the incredible story.

The public display of the Papp/Roser engine in Roser's parking lot in Torrence, California, in 1968 attracted Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman. The modified four cylinder Volvo engine on a test stand in the parking lot was controlled by engine electronics run from a 120 VAC extension cord plugged into the building 100 feet away. Feynman saw the extension cord and thought he knew the source of the hoax he was so convinced it was. Feynman pulled the plug, but the engine continued to run. After about two minutes, the engine had not slowed down (running about 3000 rpm, as evidenced by the fan left on the engine to produce a visible effect) but started to run rough. Papp grew nervous and argued with Feynman to plug it back in. Feynman refused, so Papp yanked the cord from Feynman and plugged it in. The engine exploded, killing one bystander. Feynman accused Papp of placing explosives in the engine so it would be destroyed before legitimate testing could be done, in order to keep the hoax alive. Since a fatality occurred, the FBI got involved. No evidence of explosives was found. Papp sued Feynman and Feynman and Caltech settled out of court. If it were a hoax, there is no way Caltech would have settled out of court. It was done so Feynman and Caltech could save face.

Papp spent a few years developing a new type of engine control that was more stable. By the early '80s, Papp found a new mechanic to work with: Bob Rohner of West Liberty, Iowa. Papp settled in Florida. Several working engines ran during the Rohner years, which lasted until Papp died in '89. During this time, his third patent application was met with a USPTO request for a working model. Papp refused to not only take an engine to Washington DC, but also to leave it with anyone for any length of time. The USPTO then requested a dynamometer affidavit. A diesel engine test group associated with the University of Oklahoma agreed to come to Florida to test the engine. The affidavit was accepted by the USPTO and they issued the patent, listed above.

At the time of Papp's death, the IRS was tipped off to Papp's lack of taxes paid for millions of dollars of investment money received. The IRS seized most of Papp's equipment and documents and placed them in a bonded warehouse. The warehouse was broken into several times and many things were missing at the time of the IRS auction. Somehow, the last working engine got back into Rohner's hands and its location is currently known, owned by a private group.

Heinz Klostermann, a retired X-ray industry salesman and engineer, took up the task of detective to pull together all the threads of information regarding the Papp engine saga around 2000. He located Rohner and virtually all the people who participated in the engine development over the years. Heinz assisted a splinter group from the Rohner years, known as Infinite Horizons, in San Jose, CA, and obtained 3.5 million dollars of investment money for them. The money was poorly spent and Heinz and the investor had a serious argument and Heinz was kicked out of the company.

Heinz went off on his own and formed Clean Energy, Inc., in Palo Alto, CA. There, with an investment partner and Bob Rohner, proceeded to systematically recreate the Papp engine. Ken Rauen from Gene Mallove's New Energy Research Laboratory was hired in 2004 as their first employee. Initial funding was small and did not last long enough to find more investment. CEI went into hibernation after only 10 months of research. Funding, as of this writing in October of 2005, has come back but no advancement is reported.

4,428,193 January 31, 1984 Inert gas fuel, fuel preparation apparatus and system for extracting useful work from the fuel Joseph Papp



Sabori's Papp Noble-Gas Engine Video Documentary
Video of Jimmy Sabori's Papp Engine Variants - A two-cycle engine demonstrates power output up to 500 HP on a dynamometer; and a one-cycle engine with Plexiglass cylinder shows ignition of noble gas in vacuum process, which current physics says is impossible. Ken Rauen says the 2-cycle engine in the Sabori video was made by Papp, not Sabori. - 60 minutes, streaming
( - Google Video; 60 min

The Mystery and Legacy of Joseph Papp's Noble Gas Engine ( - Feature article by the late Eugene Mallove. (Infinite Energy; Issue 51, 2003)

Google on Papp Engine.

Papp Variants

Internal explosion engine and generator using non-combustible gasses (

- US Patent 7076950 July 18, 2006; Klostermann

Internal explosion engine and generator having an explosion chamber, a movable member forming one wall of the chamber, a charge of non-combustible gas sealed inside the chamber, means for repeatedly igniting the gas in an explosive manner to drive the movable member from a position of minimum volume to a position of maximum volume, means for returning the movable member from the position of maximum volume to the position of minimum volume, and means coupled to the movable member for providing electrical energy in response to explosion of the gas. In one disclosed embodiment, the movable member is a piston connected to a crankshaft, and it is returned to the position of minimum volume by a flywheel on the crankshaft. In another, two pistons are connected back-to-back in a hermetically sealed chamber to prevent loss of the explosive gas. In one embodiment, the electrical energy is produced by a generator connected to the crankshaft, and in the other it is produced by a coil positioned near a magnet which moves with the pistons.'s_Noble_Gas_Engine

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Buddha's final teaching

The Buddha's final teaching was
"question everything."

He was saying don't blindly believe something rather determine its veracity for yourself through your own inner discernment, gnosis and direct experience.

Who Am I?

What is my true essence?

What is my soul and its ultimate objective?

How can I determine and directly know the answers to these questions for myself?

The ancients claim that the answer lies within us, as summed up by the axiom "Know Thyself".
In order to fully understand the purpose of ones' soul, we must clearly determine the true nature of God, reality and self.

FDA Approves Fluoride In Bottled Water

FDA Approves Fluoride
In Bottled Water

Food Chemical News
FDA announced last week it will allow fluoridation of bottled water to assist in the prevention of dental caries (cavities), prompting praise from the American Dental Association and concerns from anti-fluoride groups.
Bottled water containing between 0.6 and 1.0 mg/L total fluoride will be eligible to bear the following claim: "Drinking fluoridated water may reduce the risk of [dental caries or tooth decay]." The claimis not allowed with water intended for infants, FDA said.
The American Dental Association immediately praised the agency's decision. "Whether you drink fluoridated water from the tap or buy it in a bottle, you're doing the right thing for your oral health," saidADA executive director James Bramson. "Thanks to the FDA's decision,bottlers can now claim what dentists have long known--that optimallyfluoridated water helps prevent tooth decay."
However, FDA's decision didn't please groups opposed to fluoridation, who claim that fluoride can cause negative health repercussions even in the small quantities present in water. "Modern studies also link fluoride to arthritis, allergies, kidney and thyroid dysfunction, bone damage and cancer even at the low levels dentists claim is optimal to reduce tooth decay," said Paul Beeber, president of the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. "Adding fluoride to bottled water implies to the American public that FDA studies give fluoride a clean bill of health--and that's not true," he said.

Oneness Minute Message #14

We join our hearts and minds together every day at 11:11 to acknowledge our Oneness with All That Is. When we see ourselves as separate, we can feel as though we are missing a piece of ourselves. There is joy in joining. There is great peace in knowing that none of us is better than any other of us. And that is because there is only one of us.

"When we turn to each other, and not on each other, that's victory. When we build each other and not destroy each other, that's victory. Red, yellow, brown, black and white - we're all precious in God's sight. Everybody is somebody."

- Jessie L. Jackson, in the Los Angeles Times, April 2, 1988


Thank you, for doing your part to align with others around the world to celebrate our Oneness. Everyday at 11:11 we are remembering our connection: to each other, to our planet and to All That Is.

The goal of this global daily exercise is to shift our belief of separation to an awareness of our natural connection.

Humanity's Team is a worldwide movement that seeks to bring people together through our focus on education and inner work. The world does not have to be the way it is. Each one of us has the power to change it.


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Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

North Korea, Turkmenistan, Eritrea the worst violators of press freedom

France, the United States and Japan slip further Mauritania and Haiti gain much ground

New countries have moved ahead of some Western democracies in the fifth annual Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index, issued today, while the most repressive countries are still the same ones.

“Unfortunately nothing has changed in the countries that are the worst predators of press freedom,” the organisation said, “and journalists in North Korea, Eritrea, Turkmenistan, Cuba, Burma and China are still risking their life or imprisonment for trying to keep us informed. These situations are extremely serious and it is urgent that leaders of these countries accept criticism and stop routinely cracking down on the media so harshly.

"Each year new countries in less-developed parts of the world move up the Index to positions above some European countries or the United States. This is good news and shows once again that, even though very poor, countries can be very observant of freedom of expression. Meanwhile the steady erosion of press freedom in the United States, France and Japan is extremely alarming,” Reporters Without Borders said.

The three worst violators of free expression - North Korea, bottom of the Index at 168th place, Turkmenistan (167th) and Eritrea (166th) - have clamped down further. The torture death of Turkmenistan journalist Ogulsapar Muradova shows that the country’s leader, “President-for-Life” Separmurad Nyazov, is willing to use extreme violence against those who dare to criticise him. Reporters Without Borders is also extremely concerned about a number of Eritrean journalists who have been imprisoned in secret for more than five years. The all-powerful North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, also continues to totally control the media.

Northern European countries once again come top of the Index, with no recorded censorship, threats, intimidation or physical reprisals in Finland, Ireland, Iceland and the Netherlands, which all share first place.

Deterioration in the United States and Japan, with France also slipping

The United States (53rd) has fallen nine places since last year, after being in 17th position in the first year of the Index, in 2002. Relations between the media and the Bush administration sharply deteriorated after the president used the pretext of “national security” to regard as suspicious any journalist who questioned his “war on terrorism.” The zeal of federal courts which, unlike those in 33 US states, refuse to recognise the media’s right not to reveal its sources, even threatens journalists whose investigations have no connection at all with terrorism.

Freelance journalist and blogger Josh Wolf was imprisoned when he refused to hand over his video archives. Sudanese cameraman Sami al-Haj, who works for the pan-Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera, has been held without trial since June 2002 at the US military base at Guantanamo, and Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein has been held by US authorities in Iraq since April this year.

France (35th) slipped five places during the past year, to make a loss of 24 places in five years. The increase in searches of media offices and journalists’ homes is very worrying for media organisations and trade unions. Autumn 2005 was an especially bad time for French journalists, several of whom were physically attacked or threatened during a trade union dispute involving privatisation of the Corsican firm SNCM and during violent demonstrations in French city suburbs in November.

Rising nationalism and the system of exclusive press clubs (kishas) threatened democratic gains in Japan, which fell 14 places to 51st. The newspaper Nihon Keizai was firebombed and several journalists phsyically attacked by far-right activists (uyoku).

Fallout from the row over the "Mohammed cartoons”

Denmark (19th) dropped from joint first place because of serious threats against the authors of the Mohammed cartoons published there in autumn 2005. For the first time in recent years in a country that is very observant of civil liberties, journalists had to have police protection due to threats against them because of their work.

Yemen (149th) slipped four places, mainly because of the arrest of several journalists and closure of newspapers that reprinted the cartoons. Journalists were harassed for the same reason in Algeria (126th), Jordan (109th), Indonesia (103rd) and India (105th).

But except for Yemen and Saudi Arabia (161st), all the Arab peninsula countries considerably improved their rank. Kuwait (73rd) kept its place at the top of the group, just ahead of the United Arab Emirates (77th) and Qatar (80th).

Newcomers to the top ranks

Two countries moved into the Index’s top 20 for the first time. Bolivia (16th) was best-placed among less-developed countries and during the year its journalists enjoyed the same level of freedom as colleagues in Canada or Austria. Bosnia-Herzegovina (19th) continued its gradual rise up the Index since the end of the war in ex-Yugoslavia and is now placed above its European Union member-state neighbours Greece (32nd) and Italy (40th).

Ghana (34th) rose 32 places to become fourth in Africa behind the continent’s three traditional leaders - Benin (23rd), Namibia (26th) and Mauritius (32nd). Economic conditions are still difficult for the Ghanaian media but it is no longer threatened by the authorities.

Panama (39th) is enjoying political peace which has helped the growth of a free and vigorous media and the country moved up 27 places over the year.

War, the destroyer of press freedom

Lebanon has fallen from 56th to 107th place in five years, as the country’s media continues to suffer from the region’s poisonous political atmosphere, with a series of bomb attacks in 2005 and Israeli military attacks this year. The Lebanese media - some of the freest and most experienced in the Arab world - desperately need peace and guarantees of security. The inability of the Palestinian Authority (134th) to maintain stability in its territories and the behaviour of Israel (135th) outside its borders seriously threaten freedom of expression in the Middle East.

Things are much the same in Sri Lanka, which ranked 51st in 2002, when there was peace, but has now sunk to 141st because fighting between government and rebel forces has resumed in earnest. Dozens of Tamil journalists have been physically attacked after being accused by one side or the other of being biased against them.

Press freedom in Nepal (159th) has shifted according to the state of the fighting that has disrupted the country for several years. The “democatic revolution” and the revolt against the monarchy in April this year led immediately to more basic freedoms and the country should gain a lot of ground in next year’s Index.

Welcome changes of regime

Changes of ruler are sometimes good for press freeedom, as in the case of Haiti, which has risen from 125th to 87th place in two years after the flight into exile of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in early 2004. Several murders of journalists remain unpunished but violence against the media has abated.

Togo (66th) has risen 29 places since the death of President Gnassingbe Eyadema in February 2005, the accession to power of his son and internationally-backed efforts to make peace with the opposition.

A coup in Mauritania in August 2005 ended the heavy censorship of the local media and the country has risen to 77th position after being 138th in 2004, one of the biggest improvements in the Index.

Disparities in the Americas

Three journalists were killed in each of Colombia (131st) and Mexico (132th). A Mexican reporter also disappeared along the US border, where drug-traffickers threaten the media. Cuba (165th) remains the world’s second biggest prison for journalists, with 24 in jail, and still does not allow an independent media.

The other surprise, along with Bolivia’s good position, was the slipping of Brazil (to 75th place) and Argentina (to 76th). One journalist was killed in Brazil over the past year and physical attacks on local media are still numerous. Relations between Argentina’s national media and the presidency are still very bad and cutting off state subsidies is no longer the only way used to cow media outlets. Suspensions and dismissal of journalists are sometimes the result of direct pressure by politicians. The atmosphere is still tense in Peru (113th) and in Venezuela (115th), where the consequences of the “media war” between supporters of opponents of President Hugo Chávez persist.

Changes of ruler are sometimes good for press freeedom, as in the case of Haiti, which has risen from 125th to 87th place in two years after the flight into exile of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in early 2004. Several murders of journalists remain unpunished but violence against the media has abated.

Except for Guatemala (90th), Central America as a whole has good rankings despite the gap between countries such as Costa Rica (29th), Panama (39th) and El Salvador (41st), and Honduras (64th) and Nicaragua (69th). The few physical attacks on journalists also shows that self-censorship is at work.

Reporters Without Borders compiled the Index by asking the 14 freedom of expression organisations that are its partners worldwide, its network of 130 correspondents, as well as journalists, researchers, jurists and human rights activists, to answer 50 questions about press freedom in their countries. The Index covers 168 nations. Others were not included for lack of data about them.


- Questionnaire for compiling a 2006 world press freedom index

- How the index was compiled

The ranking
5Czech Republic0,75
19Bosnia and Herzegovina5,00
-Trinidad and Tobago5,00
-United Kingdom6,50
29Costa Rica6,67
31South Korea7,75
41El Salvador10,00
44South Africa11,25
45Cape Verde11,50
-Serbia and Montenegro11,50
52Dominican Republic12,75
-United States of America13,00
62Central African Republic14,50
-Cyprus (North)14,50
70Burkina Faso16,00
-United Arab Emirates17,50
-Côte d’Ivoire25,00
-Sierra Leone26,00
119United States of America (extra-territorial)31,50
134Palestinian Authority46,75
-Israel (extra-territorial)47,00
-Equatorial Guinea48,00
141Sri Lanka50,75
142Democratic Republic of Congo51,00
161Saudi Arabia76,00
168North Korea109,00

Oneness Minute Message #13

We join our hearts and minds together every day at 11:11 to acknowledge our Oneness with All That Is. Oneness already is. There is nothing to do, nothing to change, except perhaps our acceptance of the Truth. Instead of resisting our connection, what if we opened up and allowed our Oneness to come out from the recesses of our hearts and flow shamelessly?


We live in succession, in division, in part, in particles. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally related; the eternal ONE.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The Over-Soul," in Essays, 1841


Thank you, for doing your part to align with others around the world to celebrate our Oneness. Everyday at 11:11 we are remembering our connection: to each other, to our planet and to All That Is.

The goal of this global daily exercise is to shift our belief of separation to an awareness of our natural connection.

Humanity's Team is a worldwide movement that seeks to bring people together through our focus on education and inner work. The world does not have to be the way it is. Each one of us has the power to change it.


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What Else is the Mainstream Media Lying About?

What Else is the Mainstream Media Lying About?

by Matt Kjeldsen

The other night I had an extensive conversation with one of my best friends. This man is highly intelligent and moral. He is a writer, a journalist and a concerned American citizen. During the course of our conversation he told me his criticisms of my latest op ed piece, Pulling the 9/11 Lynch Pin. His main complaint seemed to be my insistence that 9/11 is not at all what the government says it was and, quite frankly, if the 'conspiracy theory' had any merit whatsoever, the mainstream media would be exposing it. Bloggers, such as yours truly, can say whatever they want, but journalists will research a subject and expose the truth.

Fair enough. Even though the media is owned by huge corporations, there are honest, crackerjack journalists out there who will dig and fight in order to expose, the real story.

However, I would counter, editors kneel at the alter of a corporate boss. The US is tied for 53rd in the world for press freedom with Botswana, Croatia and Tonga.

Rather than listing the hundreds of lies, omissions, distortions, 'coincidences' and physical impossibilities that make up the official narrative of the events of 9/11, facts that my good friend refuses to even look at, because he saw the planes hit the towers with his own eyes and knows what happened, I'd like to take a look at the mainstream media instead. Since a lie encompasses omissions and distortions, as well as the simple act of not telling the truth, I'm wondering what else the mainstream media is lying about to the American people.

Depleted Uranium-The US military used depleted uranium munitions in Gulf War 1, Bosnia, Gulf War 2 and, through sales and gifts to Israel, in Lebanon. Our soldiers are being poisoned, disabled and eventually murdered by our own government. In addition, the regions of the world where D.U. is dispersed are basically poisoned forever. This includes the food, the water, the soil and the genetics of all species of life, forever!

Impending Collapse of the Petrol Dollar-When Iran and Russia and Venezuela start selling their oil for Euros instead of dollars, the dollar will become virtually worthless and the U.S. economy will crash. The US is the largest debtor nation in the world and yet, the media claims we're the most powerful economy on the planet.

C.F.R.-The Council on Foreign Relations dictates domestic and foreign policy for the U.S. and the C.F.R. provides the U.S. voters with a choice of C.F.R. Bush or C.F.R. Kerry. I believe Barry Goldwater was the only major party candidate for president since the 40's that was not a member. This club of elitists has unlimited power over our lives.

The Federal Reserve Bank-Created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, this traitorous Act gave a private cabal of the most powerful bankers, the job of printing our money supply, loaning it to the government and then charging an interest rate for repayment of this loan. Before 1913, the U.S. government printed the dollar and it was worth a dollar-now it is worth 4 cents!

The IRS-The Internal Revenue Service was created to collect an unconstitutional garnishment of a tax on our labor, in order to pay the interest on the Federal Reserve 'loan' to the US government. Quite simply, income is defined in the Constitution as earnings from investments, from employment overseas and from employment by the federal government. Further more, Supreme Court rulings have codified and upheld the principle that labor is not taxable. Our representatives know this, our judges know this and I suspect quite a few journalists, editors and media moguls know this as well. This is a fraud on a massive scale and yet, I still haven't seen a story on this. But, I have seen America: Freedom to Fascism and I have read Cracking the Code . Every American citizen should do the same ASAP.

CIA-ISI-Al Qaeda---The CIA funds the Pakistani ISI which in turn funds the group (given its name by US intelligence by the way) Al Qaeda. Daniel Pearl was murdered in Pakistan tracking down the money trail of 9/11-the trail that the 9/11 Commission couldn't track, believed to be relatively unimportant, and subsequently, left out of its report. Daniel Pearl was a crackerjack journalist and he was brutally murdered by 'terrorists' in ISI Pakistan. It was not because he was Jewish. I believe that is the implication the press left us with, before they completely forgot the story.

The War Time President-Only Congress can declare war. Congress has not declared war on Afghanistan, Iraq or 'terror', therefore, we are not at war. Therefore, George Bush is not a war time president. He is however, a warring president, who illegally starts wars, murders civilians and divides foreign countries as he divides the US.

FEMA Camps and Chertoff-Halliburton is building FEMA camps in the US, complete with razor wire and guard towers. Department of Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff, who has complete control over FEMA, maintains dual citizenship with Israel and is, in fact, the son of a Mossad agent. I can't remember the mainstream media exposing these frightening facts to the US public.

Toxic Dust at the WTC site--Who was responsible for giving the all clear to rescue workers and citizens? The EPA chief, Christine Whitman, under pressure from above, told rescue workers to go to work and to not wear protective masks so as not to scare people. Wall Street had to open! 50% of the Metal of Honor iron workers at the WTC cleanup site now suffer from long term health problems.

A whistle blower was raided by government jackboots for his heroic and patriotic action.

The North American Union Superhighway to Hell-The North American Union is being formed right in front of our faces and completely behind our backs. This is the death of American sovereignty and the death of the Constitution. Read Representative Ron Paul's article. He explains it better than I ever could.

Bin Laden is Not Wanted for the terrorist acts of 9/11-The FBI does not list Bin Laden as being wanted for 9/11, because there is no hard evidence. It's as clear as day on the FBI most wanted site and yet, I have Never seen anyone in the mainstream media even mention this, let alone cover it. Read about it here. The government refuses to authenticate the Bin Laden confession video. It is clearly a fake.

AIPAC-The most powerful lobby in D.C. is the American Israeli PAC. New members of Congress learn this immediately after the election. If you speak out against Israeli aggression or you challenge unchecked US support and military sales to Israel, you will be labeled an anti-Semite and targeted. If you play the game you will be rewarded with money, re-election and powerful seats and chairs. How many stories do you recall seeing or reading about this obscene obstructive influence over the will of our elected representatives?

The Telecommunications Lobby-The second most powerful lobby in D.C. is the telecommunications lobby. Not only does this lobby represent a politicians' access to publicity, but this lobby's economic might actually funds the political machines. President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act that enabled the biggest fish to swallow all of the smaller fish and left us with just a few, gigantic multinational corporations providing all of the programming on the people's airwaves. Thanks to President Reagan's decapitation of the Fairness Doctrine, money is the only access for a political candidate to the people's airwaves. I highly recommend the documentary Orwell Rolls in His Grave. I guess it's fairly self explanatory as to why the mainstream media hasn't covered this story.

Integrity of Elections-The fairness and accuracy of the election system is never called into question on corporate TV, radio or print. With the exception of Lou Dobbs and Rolling Stone (only because RFK Jr. provided the research and authorship), you cannot find a challenge to this completely manipulated system. Through the HAVA (Help America Vote Act), jammed through by Abramoff partners such as convicted felon, congressman Bob Ney, billions of federal money was supplied to states for the purchase of electronic voting machines. These machines use secretive software that is easily hacked and they are not required to leave a paper trail. There is no way to actually check the count. We won't even go into voter suppression and illegal redistricting schemes, both of which are slaps in the face of democracy. I highly recommend Hacked, the mind blowing documentary featuring Bev Harris. By the way, the has been enlightening citizens along with for years now. They are bloggers telling the truth.

Exit Polls-In the modern age, the media has always provided exit polls, which are incredibly accurate predictors of actual election returns. However, in 2004, although Kerry was leading in Ohio (and 11 other key states) all day long, when the final returns came in, Bush had won. The media could not explain this of course, so now instead of providing the information, the polls are held until after the returns are in. These polls can now be manipulated to reflect the actual result. The funny thing is that they were always accurate, until electronic machines started counting our votes. Once again, I guess I can understand why the mainstream media hasn't covered this story.

Press for Truth-The families of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy demanded an investigation and finally, after 14 months, the President allowed a handpicked commission to investigate. The families estimate that 30% of their questions were answered by the 9/11 Commission Report. This is an outrage to be sure. If you want to know what the families think and what they've been through and where it stands today, please watch Press for Truth.

Foley is the Tip of the Iceberg-If you think that Representative Mark Foley's homosexual page scandal is proof that the mainstream media does its job, investigates and exposes the scoundrels in D.C., you will be disappointed to find out that his behavior while reprehensible, was relatively mild compared to the real story. Child sex rings that reach to the top? Cover ups by the FBI? You bet. Watch this documentary.
Conspiracy of Silence click here

Rumsfeld's Disease-Donald Rumsfeld worked for years, intimidated the FDA and stated that he didn't care how many people died, he wanted aspartame cleared to enter our food supply. We now have Rumsfeld's disease from this poison. The US Department of Health and Human Services lists over 90 reported symptoms associated with ingestion of this poison. Among these are memory loss, seizures, heart rate changes, numbness, breathing difficulties, fatigue and neurological maladies.

Trillions Missing from the Pentagon-On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 TRILLION dollars were missing from the Pentagon. We all know what happened on September 11 of that year and so, that story was sidelined. The war in Iraq has cost somewhere around the mind numbing amount of 350 billion dollars. The missing money figure at the Pentagon has now reached somewhere around 4 TRILLION dollars! This is astounding and I haven't seen journalist one tracking down this story.

Massive Protests and Boos become Cheers-During Bush's inaugural parade, people were booing and holding signs all along the route, voicing their disgust at the stolen 2000 election (since that time, our government has imposed, entirely un-constitutional, free speech zones to insulate the President). In the run up to the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, there were massive protests in cities all over the US. There have been 2 World Can't Wait, organized protests of citizens in cities throughout the country. The mainstream media completely censored this outcry. When George H.W. Bush threw out the first pitch to start the baseball season, there was loud booing in the stadium and the broadcasters covered it up. Once again, in New Orleans, as the Saints made their triumphant return to the Superdome, loud booing accompanied George H.W. Bush as he made the coin flip and ESPN clicked onto audio of cheers for the TV audience. This is called programming.

Abramoff and Enron-The K Street, pay to play institutionalized corruption and the Enron collapse are two of the biggest scandals that our capitalist, democratic Republic has ever faced. Both involve the Bush administration directly, as well as the entire political machine. Both involve some of the most powerful corporations and citizens of this country. And yet, it would seem that the mainstream press is content that Abramoff and Ley perpetrated these crimes and therefore, we the people, don't really need to hear anymore about it.

Bilderberg-The most obscenely powerful and wealthy citizens in the world get together and decide how best to manage the governments and the economies of the western world. For years, nobody really knew or paid attention, but now people are starting to take notice. After all, why are there no notes taken at these meetings and why do armies protect these 'gatherings' if they are merely meeting for tea? Alex Jones, documentary filmmaker, was detained at the Canadian border for 20 hours as he attempted to cover the latest Bilderberg Conference. He was isolated, yelled at and interrogated by Nazi-esque Canadian agents, before finally being released to enter Canada.

CIA/Media Cooperation-Both the civilian and military intelligence agencies are completely entrenched in our media and now, on line. It is no secret that CIA employees and paid shills, infest our media and edit, dilute, obscure and propagandize the real truth at every level. Once again, I understand why I'm not hearing about this from ABC News or the New York Times.

WTO Protests-All around the world, whenever the World Trade Organization meets, there are huge protests. Free trade benefits big corporations and powerful countries. Professional multi-millionaire liars like Tom Friedman endlessly espouse the 'virtue' of free trade, however, there is nothing free about it. It is a ploy to enable corporations to exploit with impunity the low wage slaves and lax environmental laws of third world countries, while at the same time, devastating their local businesses and farmers and systematically ruining the manufacturing capacities of countries such as the US. 70% of our manufacturing capacity has now disappeared into 'developing' nations. If we started today, it would take us � of a century to rebuild what we have lost. In Seattle, police and military infiltrated the peaceful protesters and started scuffles in order to allow militarized police to violently repress our fellow citizens exercising their free speech rights. Where was the crackerjack journalist?

The System of Terror and The Power of Nightmares-It is now widely known that the Bush administration used the color-coded 'alert' system whenever it needed support because of lagging poll numbers. There is No war on terror. You cannot fight a war on an ideology. Al Qaeda is not a worldwide terrorist organization. This is a lie. Whenever a government official or journalist references Al Qaeda or the war on terror, whether out of ignorance or collusion, they are lying. I highly recommend the BBC documentary, The Power of Nightmares. If you want to stare at the immediate future of our democracies, due to this war OF terror against us, watch the very entertaining British film, V for Vendetta or the American film, A Scanner Darkly.

Needless to say, I could go on and on laying out the case against the 4th estate of journalism. It is fair to say that I disagree with my good friend, who claims that if there is a story, a crackerjack journalist will tell us about it. We are 53rd in the world in press freedom and falling and the government is targeting journalists and passing laws that countermand the Bill of Rights as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The press barely notices. How do I know about all of these things? Because, my fellow citizens, it is all available for discovery and verification on line. I will not wait and I would suggest that the world can't wait for the Washington Post or The Nation to tell us the real truth about anything. If a blogger tells you something about the poison fluoride in our water supply, I say google fluoride and see if what he/she is telling you has any merit. If you are waiting for a journalist to tell you what is real and what is not real, this blogger will tell you, the details of the critical events shaping our destinies are being systematically edited and the good people of this country are being blatantly lied to and deceitfully programmed.

A concerned composer from Austin

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