Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lost in a world of juxtaposition

About a month ago I woke up falling past the clouds I designed along a path of change to increase my vibration... I cannot stress enough the importance of this... If you are having a hard time understanding then you are the most in need as well... "Your thoughts create your reality" make a choice NOW... Only be positive with your words and thoughts... And please be careful with want you ask for... You just might get it.... hehehhehe

"The ability to manifest starts with the belief that everyone has the ability to manifest.... - Az"

All is well... Everything went as planed, I do wish I had more time with jade and megan...

also cept for my one true addiction.... Information...and using the internet my dealer... I regretfully have to decline temptation for just a little bit more...

I shall return soon... :)